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Tracey Owens - Dare To Be Empowered

October 16, 2018



Tracey Owens, Empowerment Catalyst, Professional Speaker,

Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Remember Your Truth

This podcast is designed to take us on a personal Empowerment adventure, where we will explore all of the many ways we can “Dare to Be” the next powerful version of ourselves. Through sharing her own unique life experiences and perspective, we can each tap into a whole new way of expressing ourselves effectively, reveal a greater level of authenticity and access the power of peace, already within us. It is my intention to inspire, motivate and empower you to Dare To BE All that you can be!   

Tracey is an Empowerment Catalyst, Professional Speaker, and Spiritual Teacher with her own unique perspective to living a truly empowered, authentic life. She is also the founder of Remember Your Truth. Her belief is that anyone can choose to unlearn programmed beliefs and conditioning. She also recognizes that transformation occurs through the conscious commitment of aligning how one thinks, speaks, feels, and acts. Living from this creative energetic space allows for a deeper connection to self, others, and all of Life.


Working with Tracey helped me dive deep to the root of some feelings that were holding me back from moving forward with the life that I wanted. Tracey has an incredible gift and a way of making you feel safe to share hard things. By being aware of why I felt the way I did I was able to face those issues and move on. It’s like 6 months of therapy rolled into one amazing hour. Shana B. 

Tracey, I think this is the first of a kind note for me to write. Just wanted you to know that your energy pattern and spiritual awareness shows an immense depth and grounding. Your ability to be singular in "spiritual space" is remarkable. One in a million really.... Great job on accomplishing the "I am" personification. John M.

Through our visits, and her posts on Facebook and Instagram, I am learning more all the time about setting an intention for the day and one’s life, and to harness the energy, gifts and abilities we all have to shape our own experience – and that of those around us – for the better. – DAVID B.

What is your favorite Tracey'ism or practice that has been beneficial?  She tells me when I think old thoughts that stem from negative core beliefs to just say "CANCEL! CANCEL!" and then to turn my thoughts to what's real.  Because, the truth is I have more hope than I've ever had before.  Hope that I can not only maintain my TRUE level of "awesome" but that I can continue to soar and grow as I fall in line with my TRUE life's purpose. – JAMI  


Empowerment Coaching

Energy Healing

Wedding Officiant

House Clearings & Building Blessings

Shamanic Journeying



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