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Sarah Carlson - Journey to Me

November 1, 2018



Sarah D. Carlson, Career Catalyst & Public Speaker 

Journey to Me is a podcast focused on the journey to self.  In each episode, Sarah explores methods for creating an authentic and fearless life and inspires and challenges listeners to step off of the ledge and into the light.   

Sarah is a spiritual seeker and professional badass who walked away from her high-rise attorney job in NYC to live in a tent and volunteer in Haiti.  She is now the CEO of her own company where she liberates other people from unhappy careers by giving them the tools and confidence to make powerful professional pivots.  Through her work as a career coach, speaker, and professor, Sarah inspires and equips people to claim their personal power and realize their unique potential in a world that doesn’t make that easy.  


"Whether you're looking for your first job, or thinking about making a career change, Sarah simply gets it. She's an amazing listener, a big-picture thinker, and an incredible ally and advocate to have in your corner. She has helped me throughout my career and has been an invaluable resource and sounding board since day one. I've had a remarkable success rate when applying for jobs since I started working with Sarah, being asked in for interviews for the resounding majority - in many ways thanks to her focused approach in helping me draft resumes, cover letters, and other application materials." - José López-Sánchez, Washington, D.C.

"Sarah brings unparalleled infectious energy . . . . She is a tour de force of positivity and audiences are drawn to her message – if not transformed by it. We always introduced the Career Center through one of Sarah’s keynote presentations. I cannot think of a better way to set the tone for working with your office, re-energizing students, or motivating them to think beyond the immediate path in front of them . . ."  - Lydia Russo, Former Assistant Dean for the Career Center, Emory Law 

“Sarah, I know you get these all of time but it probably doesn’t hurt to still send. I was a student in your class and we briefly spoke over the phone in the fall. I am happy to announce that I used your tactics-applied to a job . . . and an offer was made within 2 weeks of applying. I had no financial aid experience. Your class really taught me how to advocate for myself and seek out the next step in my career. Still have a binder full of your notes at home. My fiance and I used everything in it to take our careers a step forward.” - Lenet Rivas, Senior Financial Aid Advisor, Emory University 

“This class is one of the most helpful classes I’ve taken. The knowledge gained in the class is very valuable to give anyone an opportunity to build better relationships both professionally and personally. I highly encourage EVERYONE to take the course as soon as they possibly can.” - Anonymous Job Seeker Happy He Attended One of Sarah’s Classes


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